Gym Rule Numero Uno

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I know it’s Wednesday and all, but maybe our quick catch-up will push you over the hump on hump day.

The Weekend was full of new friends, delicious sushi, fabulous froyo, St. Patty’s Day celebrations, and basketball watching (OK, the basketball watching wasn’t exactly a highlight ehemm UF and UNC lost.) Despite that little hiccup regarding conference championships, my weekend was pretty much perfect!

Which brings me to why I will always, always, always, be the world’s worst blogger. I did not take a single picture this weekend. Not one! I could say it was because I was preoccupied with enjoying myself, which is true, but mainly it is because I detest taking pictures.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am as narcissistic as the next person on Facebook. I love having pictures, I just don’t love taking them.

I digress, back to the weekend!

I even got to do a little bit of baking!


Instead of having a sugar fete almost everyday of the week to celebrate birthdays at my work, we have a celebration once a month. Since I cannot say no to sugar, this works out rather well for my skinny jeans. As soon as Jenna of my absolute favorite, Eat Live, Run, posted this recipe for Jam Crumb Bars, I knew they would be perfect!

As always, Jenna delivered! I was a silly face and accidentally bought seedless (ick) blackberry jelly, none the less, they were still fantastic, I even got a few emails requesting her recipe!

One note, I highly recommend using a quality jam in this recipe. Something sweet and rich from your local market would be ideal!

What Goes Around Comes Around

Last week at work, I discovered a gem in the refridgerator, a jar with a label that read, Strawberry Fig Preserves, from Maggie’s Kitchen, Help Yourself! Help myself indeed! I have a thing for jams, and I have a thing for figs, bring the two together and I am one happy gal.

I sent my co-worker an email to tell her how thankful I was she shared her spoils and to let her know it put a smile on my face.

On a cold, rainy, early Monday morning, as I typed away on my computer, she walked up to my cube, asked me how I was, and pulled this from behind her back,


My very own jar!

My only intention through my email was to share the little ray of sunshine she brought into my day. Who knew she would be so thoughtful as to go out of her way, to, as she put it, “share with someone who appreciates it.”

So often we focus on, “Doing Unto Others As We Would Like Done Unto Ourselves,” and “What Goes Around Comes Around,” as sayings to keep us in line to prevent us from doing bad to another. We never stop to think, “Hey, maybe little thank yous and bits of kindness dropped  here and there might just make someone’s day.” You never know when that someone might make yours!

The takeaway? The same idea you read over and over and over, little acts of kindness go along way.

Gym Rule Numero Uno

One of the TVs at my gym is dedicated to it’s own channel which loops music videos, ads,“fitness tips”, and best of all, gym etiquette tips.


While wiping down your machine post-workout is a given, I always appreciate the friendly reminder to minimize cell phone use (my pet peeve) for those new to a gym setting and as a nice little reminder to us all.

Saturday, they had one nugget of knowledge that was just too glorious to not share…


This was exactly the pick me up I needed when the lull of the treadmill was getting to me. I just about flew off of the treadmill in laughter. It’s a crass statement to throw up on a giant screen, but so, so so true! How many of us out there feel awkward enough on the hip abductor when it’s facing a wall, much less with Mr. Creepy McCreeperson looking on.

hip-abduction-400x400 Image Source

There are a descent number of basic gym rules that patrons need to be aware of, but as far as I’m concerned, No Staring is Numero Uno!

What is your number one gym rule?

What little kindness has been done for you lately? What have you done?

Are you a jelly fan?

12 thoughts on “Gym Rule Numero Uno

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m not a fan of taking pictures either. It’s the one part of blogging that I seriouslyyyy need to improve on. So don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you on the worst bloggers list🙂

  2. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen says:

    Haha I’m the same way about not wanting to take pictures! Lol to the sign at your gym. I wonder who the creeper(s) are that made that sign go up. Too funny! My biggest gym pet peeve is dropping really heavy weights. Usually guys do it to show off or whatever but it always scares me and then I’m just like okay really? So unnecessary!

  3. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian says:

    Totally and completely agree with that gym rule! If there’s one reason these days that I prefer to work out at home rather than at a gym, it’s because I’d rather have privacy. I love that your gym has gym etiquette tips on the TVs!

    • Anne @ says:

      Ohhh I want a treadmill so badly!

      Wakin up a 5am and NOT having to drive I a gym would be lovely!

    • Anne @ says:

      Haha oh my gosh, that is so true!

      Not too long ago I broke that rule on the stair climber and the guy next to me literally switched machines…guess I smell pretty icky🙂

  4. Ashley says:

    My biggest pet peeve at the gym is people who do not minimize their cell phone use…especially those who sit at a weight machine and text for a good 10 minutes without actually lifting any weights!

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