Speed Work Dress Rehersal

I have a problem, maybe I’m cheap, maybe I’m lazy, maybe I’m just gross. None are a good excuse for the fact that I very rarely clean or wash my car.

We are talking very rarely.

Monday, I bit the bullet and spent my lunch break at the car wash. Best. Decision. Ever. I cannot tell you how good it feels to drive a clean car! (Probably because you, unlike me, already know :)) Imagine my dismay then, when I walked out of work Wednesday evening only to find that a poor bird had apparently eaten a bad worm and taken it out on my car.

IMG_2226[1] A view through my sun roof- you’re welcome for the picture by the way😉

Such is life.

Let’s Tal intok Running!

The knee has been feeling better (wohoo!) however, I was tempered last week by a not so pleasant stomach bug. Being sick sidelined me a few extra days, giving my injuries some additional rest they were probably screaming for.

Monday morning I was back at it with 6 miles on you guessed it… the treadmill. I am not much of a sweater but, you never would have known that after that mornings run. I apologize to an of my coworkers who may have had to suffer for my workout, thanks😉 It reminded me that I am SO not ready for summer. Spring, yes but my body does much, much,much better running in the cold!

Tuesday was a fairly typical 7 miles on the treadmill. While this may sound like the dumbest run ever to post, spending almost an entire year injured has turned “average” runs  into my favorite runs. They don’t feel particularly great, there is no endorphin fueled blissful cloud that carries you along, making you remember whey you love to run thinking, “I just don’t understand why EVERYONE doesn’t wake up at 5am to run!” To counter, they aren’t terrible. You aren’t convinced the universe is playing a cruel joke on you dragging out each minute into three.

No, they are just average. They are uncomfortable, there are plenty of points where you want to quite. Thankfully your grit, or hopefully that coveted second wind push you through.

Those are the best. Those runs are when I feel like a runner. Like I earned it.

Wednesday: Off! Man o man, after running the hills at my grandparent’s on Sunday, my legs were aching for  rest!

Thursday I knew it was time to start making moves. Until this point, really, in the existence of this blog I have been either

A) Injured

B) Recovering from injury

Throw in a complete 180 in running circumstance (having to run on a treadmill on weekdays) and I have literally just been trying to get my running feet under me again. I am finally beginning to feel confident in my body again, and trust that it can handle some “real running” – This is not a discussion of what real running means, only how it applies to me (I am being selfish here ;))

What that used to mean to me was to run by feel, if I knew I could pick up the pace, I would pick it up, plain and simple.

As I’ve said before running, is the one area of my life I am NOT very competitive.

When you’re confined to a treadmill with the time and mileage right in front of you, and you are forced to cognitively decide to increase our speed and punch it in, that strategy doesn’t work.

By default you are forced to plan a workout! I turned to my brother who used to be a “real runner” (before turning to the dark side aka cross fit), has worked with professional coaches and is actually kinda fast and all that🙂 for some guidance.

IMG_2231[1] IMG_2232[1] Clearly I’ am an awesome speller…

I ended up doing a 2 mile warm up at a 9:30 pace, followed by  5 sets of 3 minutes at 8:13 with 2 minutes at 9:00 between each. I finished out through mile 5 at 8:14, and then the last 15 minutes or so at 8:34.


The goal of Thursday’s run was not speed. Really, the goal was just to switch it up and get an idea of how a real speed workout would go.  A dress rehearsal if you will.

This was hands down the most fun I have EVER had on a treadmill! The miles flew by! I know the more planned treadmill runs I do the less novel and thus fun they will be, but I am excited to have a little structure to my running. Getting up and just going for 6 or so miles has left me feeling disengaged, knowing I am not doing much for my running or health.

So friends, I have two calls to action!

1. Link up your favorite workouts! I have been tucking this little nugget away waiting with baited breath until I was healthy to try some of these from the oh so wonderful Hungry Runner Girl!

2. I am on the hunt for a rich, decadent, makes you sick to your stomach its so sinful layered chocolate cake. Any suggestions?

This gift from the heavens – or- the world’s most amazing blogger, Jenna  from Eat, Live, Run, is my all time favorite, but my inner baking perfectionist comes out full force and almost kills me with stress and anxiety each time I make it. I just do not have the time or emotional capacity for that glorious cake at the moment, so I need your help!

2 thoughts on “Speed Work Dress Rehersal

  1. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen says:

    Ohh can’t wait to see which cake you decide. Do you have Pinterest? If so check out my desserts page because I’m a huge child with my sweet tooth and pin the most decadent recipes ever. Also Check out the Domestic Rebel’s blog! It has the most amazing desserts!

    • Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.wordpress.com says:

      Ohhh thanks for the tips!!! I’ll check them both out! I think I hat started following you on pintrest.

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