Five Things Friday

Gooood Morning, and happy first Friday of Spring! Between returning from Utah, and family events, this week has flown by! I cannot wait to spend the weekend relaxing and catching up with friends! Before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a moment for Five Things Friday.


First, Runners High Is Real


I am still on a high from Canyonlands Half Marathon all I want to do is run and run and run! The only problem is that I want to run with tons of people and in beautiful scenery. It looks like I have some group runs in my future, woo!

Second, Links I Loved

15 Sweet Moments In Candy History

Strengthening the Mental Muscle

I have always said that running is 70% mental, 30% physical. Kristen of Glitter and Dust wrote a fabulous, comprehensive article on one of the most , if not the most important aspect of physical activity, your mind!

I. Would. Die.

Words will never be able to express my extreme love of the Spice Girls. When they release their greatest hits CD, I absolutely trekked to Victoria’s Secret to buy it!

Third, 2014 Vacation Plans

Traveling is what motivates me. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Having a trip on the horizon is a necessity in my world. I will happily sacrifice Starbucks drinks for plane tickets🙂

Where to visit this year has been weighing heavily on me. There are a lot of variables in my in my world right now that make planning almost impossible. Despite that, I think I have settled on a location, two places I have not been in years, Sante Fe New Mexico, and Durango Colorado!

I have been dying to return to Santa Fe for the food, shopping, hiking, and food for a while now and have not been able to make it happen. I plan to make this year the year!

Fourth, March Madness… Gooooo Gators!

I was born and raised a college basketball fan. While my loyalties have shifted over the years (sorry I’m not sorry Dad) the month of March has always been a special one in our family. Living in ACC country for the past three tournaments has made is better than ever.


The best part? I get to watch the Gators allllll the way to the National Championship! (Ok, not if they keep playing like they did yesterday, phew!)

Finally, The Week In Fitness

Friday: 6 miles easy @ 8:19, arms

Thursday: 7 miles, easy @ 8:19, abs

Wednesday: 60 minutes elliptical, abs!

Tuesday: AM: 6 miles, super easy @ 8:27, arms

Monday: Off!

Sunday: 5 shakeout miles @ 8:22 average pace

It made me a bit nervous how difficult this pace felt. 8:00 was not hard to maintain, but it certainly wasn’t easy. Ahhhh well, One not so hot run, mean better are coming, right?🙂

Saturday: Canyonlands Half Marathon

What are your plans this weekend?

If it feeling like Spring where you live?

Are you watching the NCAA Tournament?

14 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

      • emmelineruns says:

        I’m ok for the most part because I picked the North Dakota St, Stephen F Austin, Harvard, etc correctly. I missed Duke though which is a bummer because I had them winning their next game too. How is yours holding up?

      • Anne @ says:

        I actually have never made a bracket in my basketball lovin life and probably never will. Honestly I don’t know why but I really have always resisted to it lol

    • Anne @ says:

      Nice! Perhaps we shall meet in the Final Four!

      My moms entire family went to UVA , my grandfather is going crazy right now haha

  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust says:

    I really appreciate the link love, Anne! Thank you! I completely agree with you that runner’s high is real and is probably one of the reasons we become addicted and want to do it more and more and more. I know that every time I finish a race, it’s only moment before I am asking “when can I do it again!?” Congrats on your half marathon – what’s next?

    • Anne @ says:

      Thanks Kristen!
      Who knows what’s next! That is what I love about running, if an intriguing race comes my way then I’m there! I would love for a flat half to pop up before the heat of the Summer comes.

  2. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    OMG that video made me like Emma Stone even more. I’m so mad at myself that when I saw her in NY in a pizza shop (it was only Kyle and myself, and her and Andrew Garfield in there!!) I didn’t ask for a pic. Lame Amy. Lame. Regarding your vacation plans- I will support your decision as long as you make a trip out to CA at some point in the coming years. And March Madness- tonight Kyle is going to a March Madness party at John Madden’s house. The party has some sort of bet (I don’t know the details) and the winner gets tickets to the final 4…

    • Anne @ says:

      SHUT.UP.HOLY MOLY! That is so cool! You toats were great though for playing it cool, and they probably appreciated that more than anything!
      Wait John Madden as is THE John Madden! Oh m goodness, I hope you are able to share a few of the details!

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