Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

I am a hypocrite. Big Time.

I staunchly believe in taking a full week to do absolutely no running a few times a year to give our bodies a change of pace and a break.

So how many times in the past four years since I began running have I adhered to that philosophy? Twice. Both times were due to injury. I see a pattern emerging here…

After the Canyonlands Half Marathon last Saturday, I took last week easy, not changing my mileage, but easing up on the pace and removing any speed or tempo work.

Saturday saw the return of my beloved, favorite hill run. That’s not sarcastic, I really do love it! The last time I ran this route a few weeks ago was a first for me, I had to WALK up a portion of the routes largest hill. Is walking during a run a big deal or bad thing? Heck no! Regardless, because I have never had to walk during a run before, it freaked me out!


I can’t say what I did differently Saturday, but it worked. I finished the run, it felt adequately difficult, and most importantly, restored my confidence.

IMG_3774[1] I felt the neglect I’ve shown hills lately on Sundays run, boy o’ boy!

2014’s wonky weather has the majority of Raleigh’s population sniffling along, and I am no exception. After switching off my alarm, tossing on my workout clothes and grabbing my car keys at early am on Monday, I promptly dropped my keys and hopped back into bed!

Then and there I made the decision to take my sniffles, and race as an opportunity to relax my running for two weeks.

Here is the thing: I know that I will not do what I should and take a full week of rest. What I will realistically do, is leverage, the week I have already given my body and extend it another week.

The plan is to run easy miles, and add an additional rest day.

Skipping workouts is hard. I believe in adequate rest and take a full rest day each week, but like 99.9% of runners, I hate to skip runs. My brain feels as if it’s in a fog all day, and frankly, I am cranky.

As runners and endorphin junkies, it is important to rest, but from my experience, for the sake of our loved ones, it is equally important to check yo self before yo wreck yo self! We may not get our usual daily dose of happy, but that certainly does not mean  our lack of endorphins (and often cranky pre-disposition) should be apparent to those around us. That is plain silly.

Checking ourselves before we wreck ourselves prevents injury and burnout to our bodies and more importantly, our relationships!

On the flip side of that, I am crazy excited to working on my speed and endurance. What exactly that will look like, we shall see!

Are you a cranky pants when you can’t workout?

How do you check yourself?

Current state of your workouts? Motivated? Bored? Inspired? Over it?

4 thoughts on “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

  1. runswithpugs says:

    I get very edgy and anxious when I can’t work out.

    Right now, I’m checked involuntarily by injury, which stinks.

    I don’t want to do anything but run, and I am planning to start back pup on Monday. That will have given me two weeks of rest to get it back together, so hopefully that will be enough.🙂

    • Anne @ says:

      I hope so too! Injuries flat out stink. There is no way around that. At least it makes you appreciate and love running all the more :)))

  2. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    Haha I am Captain Cranky Pants when I can’t run/workout. It’s really bad, but I usually rely on my boyfriend to tell me I shouldn’t be working out (like if I have an injury or it’s a necessary rest day). I’m like, “I think I’ll just go for a short run or an easy workout.” And then he asks if that’s really a good idea and convinces me it is not… Last week I was completely motivated with running. This week has been crazy stressful work-wise and my sister is home from school, so I am just not motivated- but I have been getting those runs in.

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